Beaverton Microblading

Policies & Prices

Our ComfortMax Amazing Eyebrows Microblading procedure includes your choice of traditional Microblading, Powder Brows, & Combination of both is currently only $748.

This all-inclusive eyebrow service comes with:
  • Your initial consultation…
  • Markup and Artistic Design…
  • Pre-Care consultation…
  • Exclusive ComfortMax pain reduction process…
  • Phase-I Microblading procedure…
  • And then in 4-6 weeks, you also get your Perfectioning procedure

    (Other Microbladers charge an additional $50 – $150 for this)

You'll have the most comfortable experience ever & stunning care-free eyebrows.

Color Boost within 6 months


Yearly Refreshing at 12 – 18 Months


Follow Up AFTER 18 Months


For your convenience and to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your beautiful new eyebrows, we offer nearly every payment option under the sun!


Unlike other microblading specialists, we don’t charge for your initial consultation. We want you to feel comfortable coming in to explore how much more beautiful your eyes could be with amazing eyebrows.


Sorry, but we can’t allow anyone in the room with you for the procedure. Your health and welfare is my prime concern so I’m meticulous about maintaining a sterile environment during my procedures. Oh yeah, it’s against state law, too.


A typical procedure room

I’ll go over your preparation in the Pre-Care consultation. This is about me preparing for you.

There are two reasons for discussing this. The first is that I want you to understand how seriously we take your health and well-being and some of the steps we take to protect you.

And secondly, when you learn how we prepare for your procedure, you’ll easily understand our scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation policies.

Because of the enormous amount of cleaning and setup required, I only do microblading on certain days. And since it generally takes two or three hours for the procedure (plus cleaning and setup for the next client), I can only do two or three procedures in a day.

It all starts with transforming the room from a soft, warm cozy salon environment to a more sterile operating area. Out with the fluffy porous surfaces and in with the hard, non-absorbant easily cleaned surfaces.

All equipment, tools, and supplies have to be switched out.

Microblading pens, inks, and other instruments need to be setup, tested, and double-checked.

And a million other little details required by good judgement and various state regulations.

It’s a pain in the neck, but a very important process.

You'll never feel pressured
into anything here.

Instead of charging you for an initial consultation as others do, we want you to be comfortable with every aspect of getting your eyebrows done. Sometime during your consultation you’ll probably decide you really do want beautiful eyebrows.

If not, that’s ok, too. Your comfort level is most important important thing.

In fact, when you do decide to book your procedure, all it takes is a small, $100 booking deposit.

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone could make it any easier for you.


And at the end of your booked procedure we’ll credit that entire $100 back to you.

That small deposit is all it takes to secure your spot in my very limited schedule.

Sometimes life interferes
with your schedule

Generally, when something happens to mess up your schedule, it’s probably already causing you aggravation and additional expenses.

Whatever it is, we don’t want to add to your burden, so…

we've created the most client
friendly policies possible.

Other salons may charge you the full cost of the procedure for the missed or changed appointment. We don’t think that’s fair.

First of all, if you change or cancel at least 48 hours before your appointment–no problem. We’ll gladly reschedule your procedure at no cost.

However changes within 48 hours of your appointment get a little more complicated.

Here’s why…

First of all, as I mentioned above, I put a lot of work and effort preparing for your procedure and if you can’t make your appointment, all that work goes down the drain. And there’s no way for me to recover that time or work.

And second, when someone cancels or reschedules that  close the their appointment, it’s nearly impossible for me to fill that time with another client.

So I get forced to take two or three hours off without pay! (Even worse, I’ve already invested time and expense preparing for you adding to my loss.)

(Even worse, I’ve already invested time and expense preparing for you adding to my loss.)

I'd never ask you to give up a half days income for me, and I'm sure you wouldn't ask it of me.

Now, as I said earlier, I don’t want to add to your already bad day. So, rather than charge you in full for my wasted time, we’ll just roll-over  that $100 booking deposit into extra preparation fees and call us even.

Then, you simply reschedule at your convenience and pay the new booking deposit then. (Of course this booking deposit will apply to your procedure so it’s not an extra fee.)

If you're going to be a few minutes late...

Hey, I’ve been out there. I know what traffic can be like. So, if traffic or something else is going to cause you to be late, please let me know.

If it’s just five or six minutes we can probably deal with it. But any much later than that could cause us to not have enough time to give you the beautiful brows you deserve.

You wouldn’t want me to do a rushed, sloppy job on your eyebrows (and I wouldn’t do it anyway), so if you’re more than just a few minutes late (and based on my schedule), we may be forced to reschedule your procedure.

In this case it’s treated the same as a missed or cancelled appointment. Your booking deposit is converted to payment for additional prep fees, and you can reschedule at your convenience with a new booking deposit.

The day my beautiful granddaughter first discovered that sometimes things just don't go right.

About No-Shows

I suppose your day could get so bad that you just don’t make it to your appointment.

If this happens, I’m sorry you have to go through such a bad day. But just like my mom used to say when I was late coming home, “What? They don’t have phones where you were? (or today–in your pocket).

Of course, if you just forget your appointment, you’d probably forget to call too.

Anyway, missed appointments are treated the same as cancelled. Please give us a call to reschedule.