About Microblading

beaverton microblading image
First, what is Microblading

Beaverton Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that results in amazing natural looking eyebrows.

Although they share the word “tattooing,” there’s a world of difference between tattooing and microblading.

Tattoo artists use a powered tattoo gun with vibrating needles to insert ink deep into the skin.

beaverton microblade pen vs. tattoo gun image

Microbladers use a very delicate little “blade” made up of around six tiny needles arranged in a row to insert ink just into the first few layers of your skin.

This provides an extremely
fine hairlike look to the stroke.

A regular tattoo would look like a line or a blotch, but a microblade eyebrow stroke looks like an actual hair. That’s the most obvious difference between regular tattooing and microblading. There are others.

Beaverton Microblading is
semi-permanent makeup.

Depending on your skin (and lifestyle), it should last for one to three years. This is because in order to achieve that wonderfully fine hairlike appearance, we don’t insert the ink as deeply.

Also, the inks we use for microblading are much more degradable. Your own immune system can digest the ink, and push it out towards the surface as well. Over time it fades.

A few things
to expect…

You’ll most likely need two sessions; the main event and the touchup.

We’ll start the main event by sitting down and chatting a bit.

During our conversation, I’ll be studying your face. I’ll try not to be conspicuous or creepy about it, but I want to see how your face moves and some of your different facial expressions.

I’ll measure and evaluate your facial structure and skin type. We’ll talk about different shapes and types of eyebrows and design your perfect look.

Finally, I’ll draw our masterpiece(s) onto your face.