7 Critical Things to Know BEFORE You
Let Any Microblader Near Your Brows...


Here’s the list of 7 Critical Things to Know BEFORE You Let Any Microblader Near Your Brows.

Details of each are in the videos below.

1: Expertise & Experience

There’s a reason this is number 1.

This short video explains the importance of experience when you select your microblader. Learn what to look for before making a potential mistake.

2: Pain Control

Want to know a secret?


…but it doesn’t have to. This short video explains the single most important question you must ask your microblader BEFORE you even consider them.

3: The Ink

The ink your microblader uses makes a huge difference in every aspect of your new eyebrows.

Price… Safety… Longevity… Undertones

Different inks work best with different hair and skin colors. You don’t need to know the difference, but you’d better hope your microblader does.

4: Color Composition

Different color compositions may look the same when fresh, but a few months later, they can look dramatically different.

Your natural hair color, skin type, and skin tone are key to picking the best ink for your brows.

5: The Shape

The shape of your eyebrows is one of the most critical factors. Everything from length, curve, thickness, arch, and position factor into your overall “look.”

Our mantra for this step is measure, measure, measure… and then measure again!

6: Cleanliness is Critical

When you talk to, or visit a microblading salon, look around carefully. Is the place spotless? That’s an initial clue into how seriously the microblader takes sterile / sanitary procedures.

Remember, microblading pierces the most important barrier to infection your body has – your skin. The last thing you want is an infection.

7: Training & Licensing

Training and licensing in Oregon is among the most stringent in the entire country. Washington, on the other hand… not so much.

Here’s where you’ll get the inside info on training in Oregon and how to get the best results you could hope for.