Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go tanning right before or after my waxing session?

Plan on waiting at least 24 – 48 hours after your treatment to tan. And do not come in right after a fresh spray tan because the wax will take it right off.

Can I have sex the same day I get a brazilian waxing?

While you might want to share your new look with a loved one right away, I always suggest waiting at least 24 – 48 hours for sexy time—especially if you are prone to ingrown hairs or are fairly new to waxing.

Friction and perspiration might aggravate the skin. During the first 24= 48 hours, your body is most susceptible to outside bacteria that might cause an infection of the hair follicle known as folicullitus.

What's your cancellation / No-Show Policy?

Please be respectful of my time as well as that of other clients. Your reserved appointment time could have been utilized by another client. This is why I strictly enforce a 24 hour appointment change or cancellation notice on all waxing procedures.

Any appointment cancellation without a 24 hour notice or No-Show will result in forfeiture of prepaid service fees and additional service fees will be required upon re-booking.

I just shaved, how long should I wait before getting waxed?

The recommended time after shaving is 2 weeks.   The hair needs to be long enough for the wax to grab it, about a ¼ inch long.

How long does the hair need to be for waxing?

For best results, the hair length should be ¼ inches long to do effective waxing. When in doubt, it is better the hair be longer than shorter.

How often should I get waxed?

The recommended time between waxing is 3- 5 weeks depending on your individual speed of hair growth.

One of the benefits of waxing on a regular schedule as above is that each session becomes easier and more comfortable as the hairs seem to come out easier.

I am going on vacation, how soon before should I get waxed?

The recommended time before going on vacation or preparing for any big event (i.e. wedding day) is 2-3 days. This will allow any redness to pass.

What are the benefits of waxing versus shaving?

Waxing is more effective than shaving because it removes the entire hair from the root, not just from the surface of the skin, giving you longer lasting results.

With consistent waxing over time, hair grows back finer and sparser whereas with shaving, hair appears to grow back faster, thicker and coarser.

In addition, shaving increases the risk of nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and razor burn especially in sensitive areas such as bikini, chest and underarms

What can I do for maintenance between waxing services?

Exfoliate and Moisturize

To improve waxing results and reduce your chances of getting ingrown hair It is recommended that a few days prior to, and after your waxing appointment, you gently exfoliate the skin.

You can exfoliate as much as 3 times a week. Removing dead skin cells keeps your skin healthy and soft in-between waxing.


To keep skin hydrated and smooth while helping new hairs to reach the surface of the skin without becoming ingrown, moisturize daily

Can I wax when I am pregnant?

Waxing during pregnancy is common; however, with increased hormones and blood flow, pregnant women may be more sensitive to waxing.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor first.

Are there any medications—topical or oral— that are contraindications to waxing?

Yes, exfoliating or hydroxy-based medications including but not limited to: Retin-A, Renova, Differin and Tazorac are contraindications to waxing.

Blood thinners, steroids, skin lighters and oral acne medications such as Accutane are also medications that should prevent you from waxing.

If you wax while on these medications, it may result in skin irritation, peeling or hyperpigmentation.

Always check with your doctor first.

What aftercare advice should I follow after Brazilian waxing?

As with all waxing, Brazilian waxing post-care includes exfoliation and moisturizing.

For 24 hours after waxing, it is important to avoid increasing circulation through any form. This includes exercise, tanning, spicy food and sexual activity.

Increasing blood flow and body temperature after waxing can aggravate waxed areas and prolong the presence of inflammation, redness and the potential for infection of the hair follicle.

How can I maintain my bikini line in-between waxing?

To maintain your bikini line between appointments, use exfoliant and moisturizer.

Shaving or tweezing between appointments interferes with the effectiveness of your waxing treatment. Therefore, it’s best to leave the area alone with the exception of exfoliating and moisturizing.

Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire before waxing?

Because I need certain information to ensure you a safe, comfortable experience with fabulous results.

Is there any type of wax that is better for sensitive skin?

At Brows to Bottoms we use only the finest waxes which maybe used on even the most sensitive skins on all body areas.

Should I trim beforehand?

No. Many newbies trim their hair before a wax and actually cut it too short.

That’s worse than coming in with your hair a little long—the wax won’t be able to get a hold on your hair and won’t work as well.

How close to the appointment should I shower?

Many people come straight from work, and not everyone can go home to take a shower and refresh.

However, you should definitely shower as close to your appointment as possible.

Are ingrown hairs awkward or problematic? I might have … a few.

No worries. We’ve pretty much seen it all.

If you want to get rid of ingrown hairs around your bikini area for your own sake, though, we recommend GiGi No-bumps Roll-on.

It’s designed to prevent ingrowns on the face, but it works everywhere else, too.

Can I get a wax while I’m on my period?

Yes, so long as you wear a tampon. We don’t mind … as long as it’s not “messy” down there

But, while you can get a wax during your period, you might not want to.

Your skin is more sensitive up to three days before and three days afteryour period.

If you want to do it anyway, simply wear a fresh tampon and take an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment to help with the extra sting.

Bikini, Brazilian—What’s the difference?

Bikini removes hair from just the sides.

Brazilian removes everything- front, back and everything in-between.

Strip wax or hard wax—What’s the difference?

We use whatever is best suited for your type of skin and hair removal. But if you have a certain preference, we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you double dip?

Never. We take every step to ensure the highest level of sanitation.

How long will a Brazilian Wax take?

It usually takes me anywhere from 10-20 minutes. The more you’ve waxed, the faster it can be done.

How long before the hair grows back?

Okay, this is a tricky one because when it comes to the hair re-growth cycle we are not all created equal.

Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, sometimes depending on ethnicity. We have some clients that come in every six weeks and have hardly any hair (no fair!) and others who have to come in every three weeks.

Will my hair grow back thicker and darker?

No. Waxing pulls the hair from the follicle weakening the root. So, if anything it will grow back weaker, more sparse and easier to remove next time.

Will my hair stop growing back all together?

No, but it will become more sparse and have finer texture if you wax on a regular basis.