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*** Save $200 on our Current Special - INCLUDES BOTH Initial AND Touch-Up Procedures! ***  Microblading is the hottest beauty trend around right now, and it's easy to see why. Using a specialized microblading pen which typically has six super fine needles, we "draw" each individual hair to create lush, amazing eyebrows. The best part is that it's semi-permanent in that the procedure typically lasts 12-24 months. Imagine never having to spend time in front of the mirror tweezing and shaping your eyebrows. The time savings, alone makes it worth it, and when you see the results, you'll be utterly amazed.

Sometimes, depending on your skin type, you may find getting a color boost for you microblading can take your great brows up to amazing brows. If you feel you want a little more "pop" to your eyebrows, you can save a bundle by getting your color boost within six months of your original (or most recent) full microblading.

Microblading can often be "touched-up" between full procedures to extend the effectiveness a bit. We generally include the first touch-up with your main procedure. This is to be scheduled between 4-6 weeks after your microblading procedure. After the initial required touch-up, most women are good for 12-18 months before they'll need another full procedure. Any additional needed touch ups prior to 6 months post procedure are called "Color Boost" and cost only $150. Between 12-18 months, you can get a major touch-up called "Yearly Refreshing," for only $250.

We love our existing clients and we show that love by offering an amazing discount for repeat microblading services. Beyond 18 months past your original procedure, you can start the cycle all over for only $400. That's  nearly $350 off the regular price and not much more than other places charge for touch-ups.

Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting

Want natural, beautiful defined eyelashes and eyebrows with incredible depth and colour that lasts up to 6 weeks – now you can. Our selection of luxurious plant based dyes will compliment your skin and hair tones perfectly. As well as striking definition of facial features created by the tints, the treatment also includes eyebrow shaping. Each eyebrow shaping service is designed to enhance  the natural growth of the your eyebrow and is created to best emphasise the clients eyes. Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting - Natural looking effect - Reduces or eliminates the need for makeup - Waterproof and smudge proof colour Eyebrow Tinting - Makes the hairs in the eyebrow appear thicker and darker - Creates a more defined eyebrow shape for all facial shapes.

If you’ve ever seen a set of enviable eyebrows, chances are they were professionally shaped and waxed. Come in and let us create the most flattering shape brow that will  best compliment and balance your unique face shape.

Your eyes are gorgeous. But imagine what professional eyebrow tinting will do for the depth and color of your eyes and the definition of your face. Imagine waking every morning no longer needing to pencil in your brows!


First time ever waxed? Or has it been a long time since we've seen you. Brazilian Waxing removes all the hair from the front to the back. Or if you prefer, we can leave a little triangle or strip on the top. It's all up to you! And of course we always use our comfort-max numbing cream!

We went through all the hard work of removing the hair, now let's keep it up. Maintenance is between every 3-5 weeks. Comfort-Max numbing cream included in all services. No-pain is our aim! For bigger savings, ask about our Wax Pass for $49 per month. Maintenance is under 8 weeks since you last visited us.

Gives a very high thong cut in the front and does not remove any labia hair. Comfort-Max numbing cream included in all services. No-pain is our aim!

There's nothing basic about looking great in a bikini. Hair is removed outside the panty line, plus a little off the top. Creates a clean, yet natural, shape.

Face the world with full confidence. Hair is waxed from forehead, cheeks, sideburns, lip, chin, and just under the jawbone. Does not include nose.

From the Upper thighs to your'll have those smooth, sexy legs everyone wants. Comfort-Max numbing cream included in all services. No-pain is our aim!

From the knees down to your ankles or knees to bikini line. Comfort-Max numbing cream included in all services. No-pain is our aim!

Wrap hair-free arms around the one you love. Hair is waxed from the tips of your fingers to the top of your shoulders.  

A hair-free forearm is a happy forearm. We wax from the elbow to fingertips.

Remove the trail from bikini line to top of belly button

Underarm waxing is the most convenient choice if you want to have smooth underarms for a long time without shaving daily. 

Bid goodbye to chinny-chin-chin hair. Chin is waxed according to your desires or personal needs. Can include lower lip to just under the jawbone.

Gives "lip service" a whole new meaning. We wax the sides, middle (Cupid's Bow), and corners of the mouth. Lower lip included upon request for that kissable look!

Heard the news? This service removes hair from the full exterior of the ear to just inside the opening of the ear canal. Follow-up tweezing will get any strays.

Say so long to sideburns. Hair is removed from the top of the cheek to the jawbone.

Nostril hair is no-no. Removes hair from the base of the nose to just inside the rim. The good nose hair that filters the bad stuff is left behind.