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Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you need your brows to look perfect for an Olympic event, a movie filming, a TV series, your wedding, a hot date, or just because it’s a Wednesday. I don’t care if you’re an old friend or you found me by searching, microblading near me, on the internet, I feel honored each time I am trusted to use my expertise to turn eyebrows into a masterpiece. 

I love my job and I take the trust people place in me very seriously and strive to offer the best microblading available. I would never do anything to someone else’s face that I wouldn’t do to my own. For that reason, I sought out the best training to ensure that I gained the necessary knowledge and experience to develop exceptional microblading skills.

My work is driven by my passion to promote all forms of beauty, and in doing so I promise you will never get anything less than my absolute best!

About Master Artist Connie Antin


My love for eyebrows runs deep, but my love for helping women feel beautiful runs even deeper. I’m not talking about the beauty that only runs skin deep. Each one of us has some form of inner beauty that needs to be shared.

Eyebrows have the ability to transform the entire look of a face, and I have seen countless times how an eyebrow transformation helps instill confidence and helps many women become more comfortable letting their inner beauty shine. We all have something to share, and I count myself lucky that I can use a medium such as eyebrows to advocate sharing the beauty from within.


I have been an artist mostlylife. I began my professional artistic career as a cake decorating artist.. Eventually creating beautiful cakes for the rich and famous in fabulous Hollywood California. When I moved to Oregon, I competed and took top honors, 1st place as Master Professional Cake in the Oregon State Cake competition.
I also love painting and in the past have had the good fortune of commissioning paintings in beautiful homes throughout the years. But painting and cake art can be a lonely job. That’s why I love microblading! It’s the best of both worlds. Not only do I continue you make things beautiful, but I get to meet so many amazing people!

My Art Porfolio