Brows To Bottoms 16315 SW Barrows Road, Beaverton, Oregon 97007
  • The True Brazilian Wax Specialists

    Once you experience our new ComfortMax Brazilian Waxing, you’ll never again be satisfied with anything less.

    The Oregon Board of Cosmetology requires all body waxers (Estheticians) to meet certain minimum standards, but when it comes to your Brazilian, is “minimum standards” good enough?

    We don’t think so either.

    That’s why we’ve spent countless extra hours on specialized training, research, and practice to become Portland’s TRUE Brazilian Wax Specialists.

    And now after exhaustive research and trials, we’ve developed our own extremely comfortable Brazilian waxing technique called The ComfortMax Brazilian Waxing, which is specifically designed to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by regular Brazilians.

    Book your ComforMax Brazilian wax TODAY and see for yourself what a difference it makes.

  • Total Privacy & Amazing Comfort

    Why go to one of those giant wax factories or a nail salon with a wax shack in the back when you can enjoy your own private waxing salon in Beaverton at Brows to Bottoms?

    We’ve created the perfect elegant, cozy, and completely private environment for you to enjoy the most comfortable waxing possible.

    Between our beautiful and relaxing decor, blissful aromatherapy, and soothing music of your choice, you simply won’t want to leave.

    Brows to Bottoms is easy to get to on Barrows Road, just off Scholls Ferry Road in Beaverton. There’s plenty of free parking, so call 503-547-5526 TODAY and book the most amazing waxing experience you’ll ever have.

    Or, click the “Book Now” button on this page for easy online reservations.

  • We Use Only The Finest Waxes

    Our exclusive new ComfortMax Brazilian Waxing Technique makes any waxing procedure much more comfortable. Bu then we combine it with some of the finest hard and soft waxes found throughout the world to give you an amazingly stress-free waxing experience.

    And we don’t just sit on our successes, we’re always testing and seeking out new and effective waxes and treatments.

    At Brows to Bottoms, you’ll find some of the world’s finest waxes including names like Satin Smooth, Gigi, Resine, and Suddenly Smooth.

    Other waxers simply go to the local supply house and grab the cheapest wax they can get to rip your hair out.

    That simply won’t do for us. We’re on a never ending quest to create the ultimate in waxing comfort and we’ll spare no expense to find it.

    Why not come see for yourself how much difference a world-class wax can make in your waxing experience. Simply click the “Book Now” on this page for convenient online reservations, or call us at: 503-547-5526.

  • Enjoy Truly Personal Service & 100% TLC

    Whether you’ve been to Hilda’s House of Pain, The Wax Factory, or one of the many other low service production line types of waxing salons, you’re in for a treat the first time you visit Brows to Bottoms.

    The only number you’ll be treated like here is NUMBER 1.

    We’d much rather serve friends than strangers, so we always go the extra mile to give you a special and pampered waxing experience.

    Sure it takes us a few minutes more, and some of our extra touches do cost us a few bucks (don’t worry, we’re still less expensive than all the others), but we think it’s worth it.

    And our friends must think so too because we’re blessed to have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.

    So if you’ve never experienced what it’s like to be treated like royalty (or if it’s been so long you’ve forgotten), do yourself a favor and reserve your visit to Brows to Bottoms.

    It’s quick and easy. Simply click on one of the “Book Now” buttons on this page or give us a call at: 503-547-5526. See you soon.

  • Get Beautifully Shaped Eyebrows

    Of course we do eyebrow waxing! After all, it’s in our name. Come on it and let us give you the most perfectly shaped brows for your face.

    Not everyone has the same shaped face, and therefore they shouldn’t necessarily have the same shaped eyebrows.

    Although we are trained and licensed aestheticians, that’s NOT what makes Brows to Bottoms the best place to get your brows shaped.

    We’ve spent countless hours studying faces and brows and have developed our own system for determining the best eyebrows for your face.

    Don’t trust your face (or any other parts) to one of those franchise wax factories.

    Get your eyebrow waxing at Brows to Bottoms for perfectly shaped brows every time!

  • No Waiting Room Means NO Waiting

    No waiting means NO WAITING! We hate waiting as much as you do, so we’ve designed our systems to make sure you’ll never have to wait for us.

    We’ll be ready for you at your scheduled time. PERIOD.

    In fact, if you ever have to wait for us for your scheduled waxing appointment, we’ll immediately take ten percent off your procedure.

    We truly respect your time and promise never to waste it.

  • True Budget Friendly Rich 5-Star Waxing Salon

    What more is there to say?

    Brows to Bottoms is easy to get to on Barrows Road, just off Scholls Ferry Road in Beaverton. There’s plenty of free parking, so call 503-547-5526 TODAY and book the most amazing waxing experience you’ll ever have.

    Our waxing salon in Beaverton is kept spic and span and is a lush, comfortable, relaxing place for you to enjoy your brazilian waxing, or other body waxing service.

    Between the beautiful artwork on the walls, to the relaxing background music, the time will fly by and you won’t want to leave.

    Forget those expensive franchise wax factories.

    Come save some money and see what truly relaxing personal service really means.